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Looking for a brand lenses (Crizal-Varilux-Transition-Zeiss-Shamir -Hoya- Kodax- Rodenston)? We have it all!

Get free quote for Digital Surface or High Definition lenses. 


We match any price from our competitors and you will recieve an extra discount. We guarantee the lowest price. 


Prescriptions need to be emailed to

as well as PD ( pupilary distance) is required to elaborate Rx. We can send instructions how to measure it yourself.


You will recieve the frame you chose to take the Segment Height Measurements. Send the frame back to finish order and email measured Segment Height.


Prescription Range: Prices based on Prescriptions as follows: Sph ± 0.00 to ± 4.00 and/or Cyl ±0.00 to ± 2.00. Free UV protection offered with all orders. 



IMPORTANT NOTICE: For any other prescriptions outside the range please call, text or contact us via email for a free estimate. Orders which do not comply with the prescription range will recieve a full refund or a agreed upon modified price. 

Value Progressive

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