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Looking for brand lenses? We make by order. We have it all! Get free quote for Digital Surface or High Definition lenses.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Aspheric Single Vision Lens Prescription range is as follows. 

Ranges Above SPH -4.00 up to SPH -8.00. And Above SPH +4.00 up to SPH +6.00

Ranges Above CYL -2.00 up to CYL -3.00

(If your prescription is written with a Plus (+) CYL, you must convert it into negative Cylinder Form to confirm the lenses being ordered)

For prescriptions with SPH or CYL Powers that fall below this range, Order Standard Single Vision Lenses. Follow this Link to Order Standard Single Vision Lenses. 


All Single Vision Value Materials have a One Year One Time No Question Asked Warranty Replacement. Must ship frame and lenses back to us and returning shipment costs apply.


Prescriptions needs to be emailed to

as well as PD ( pupilary distance) is required to elaborate Rx. We can send instructions how to measure it yourself.


For Same Day Glasses Service and Pick up Coordinate with store to ensure Frame and Lenses are available for same day service. 


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Some prescriptions, depending on material, may be out of range and subject to price change, review and cancelation, please call, text or contact us for questions and suggestions.  We will contact you if there are any questions or recommendations in this regard. 

Aspheric Single Vision Lens

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