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Our Mission

Eyeglasses Express is committed to provide our community and local resident with the most advance and quality eyecare Service.


Your vision is vitally important and you deserve quality care with a personal touch, which is what you will find at EyeCare Center Group.  From routine eye exams, to contact lens fitting, eyewear specifically tailored for you or advanced eye conditions, our optometrists will provide you with exceptional expert care.


We are supplied with the latest material prescriptions, the most sophisticated edging technology and the most fashionable, highest quality eyeglass selection at an affordable friendly budget.


We are a family run business for over 30 years in the eyecare field. We are passionate in what we do, striding for excellence and offering personalized attention.



We are a hardworking visionary group committed to our clientele, projects and mission, with our assiduous attitude and our never give up philosophy, we are hopeful in creating an  Eyecare Center Charity House in the neighborhood.


Everyone on our team, whether at our Vienna location or our family branches, take pride in Honoring Loyal Patients, New Customers and Friendly Referrals, building our carrier with professionalism, honesty, integrity and compassion.


We work with Opticians, Optometrists, Ophthalmologists and Eye Surgeons to provide the most advanced and comprehensive eyecare.

The Vision of Hope foundation DBA Eyeglasses Express strides to help our community providing free spectacles and material prescriptions at a fraction of the cost and sometime free of charge to those who cannot afford to pay for their basic eyecare needs, while still providing the most exceptional quality lenses and service.


We believe in our strong roots and fundamental values of compassion and we are devoted to do absolutely everything in our hands to help bring the happiness of great Vision and find solutions to your vision needs.


You’re Welcome to come by and visit!

And Enjoy seeing the world with better vision.

And Remember to Spread the Word!!

Our Staff
Rita Moncayo

Certified Optometrist

Surgeon Division Director

The Vision of Hope, President

Nuvision One Million Club, CEO


Nancy Villavicencio 

Nuvision Optical CA



Roxana Moncayo

Super Optician 

N.Y. Branch​


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